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The Wax Removal method is another popular hair removal method that is used by many women. Although it may seem like a quick and easy way to get rid of unwanted hair, it isn't an easy process as most women are lead to believe.

Although the process itself isn't complicated, one has to remember that it involves the use of chemicals and a procedure called freezing which are done in order to remove unwanted hair and once it is frozen it will not grow back. This is one of the most painful methods for hair removal but the results are very desirable since hair growth will be slowed down considerably.

Even though gel wax has been around for years, people still consider it very effective when it comes to removing unwanted hair. The reason is that it can penetrate deeply into the hair and works wonders at the same time. However, it takes some time to work and after the process is completed, the hairs will just grow back so you will have to continue with waxing or else.

The difficulty of this method is that it doesn't always work on everybody and there are some individuals who have such sensitive skin that it doesn't even work. There are those who are allergic to it or even the components in it and if you want to ensure that it would work on you, you should take the advice of your dermatologist.

Although waxing is considered to be a more gentle method of hair removal, there are some people who claim that it is not as good as creams or gels and while it will remove hair, it won't be long lasting because the hair follicles are close to the surface of the skin. It is also true that the level of pain associated with this method is high and some would say that it is more painful than shaving or plucking.

Another popular method of hair removal is through laser treatment, which is extremely effective when it comes to removing unwanted hair. Unlike electrolysis where it is a gradual process where light rays are applied to the skin to stimulate the hair follicles, laser hair removal is much faster and the outcome is faster.

Although it doesn't hurt as much as waxing, it does take a few sessions before the result will show up and this is what makes gel wax the favorite option of many women. Unlike waxing and lasers, it does not need to be repeated so it is more cost effective.

The key in using gel wax is to only use products that are made with this compound so it will prevent irritation and inflammation and ensure that the hair follicles are properly stimulated. Since it is also safe for children, they can use it without any fear of side effects.

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