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For us, the most important job is making sure that your eyesight and vision are at its best every time. We do that by providing each and every patient with the highest quality service they should come to expect regarding eye care service. Hind Sight Eye Care invites you to experience a second-to-none service that includes professional and complete eye exams as well as cutting-edge technology in specialty contact lenses, lightweight spectacle lenses of high performance, and designer eyeglass frames of premium quality. We are specialists when it comes to contact lens exams and contact lens fittings. Whether you are looking for specialty lenses or wearers that are hard to fit, you will find all types of lenses are available and ready for pick up on request.

At Hind Sight Eye Care, we use the most advanced and latest eye equipment available to provide each wearer with lenses that fit perfectly.In making sure that we enhance the experience of our clients and patients, we provide all eye care services in an office environment that is clean and comfortable.

Do you need new prescriptions or you are new to using corrective lenses? Whatever the case may be, you want an experienced eye care professional that is knowledgeable and well trained in order to make the right decision in choosing new glasses or glass frames that fit.

At Hind Sight Eye Care of the Villages rest assured that you will receive perfect fit and perfect glasses because we have qualified personnel and hi-tech equipment to make this happen.

Do you have cataracts or some other vision problems and need prescription lenses or you fancy a pair of stylish reading glasses? Do you need clarity and answers on how you can enhance your life with glasses? We are here to help and have the solutions to your problems.

With over 1000 different eyeglasses styles to choose from in our office, you are sure to find a style that suite your conditions and personality. In finding the perfect eye wear for you, we take into consideration several factors especially the overall eyes and face fit.

Asides from having on display over a 1000 designer and brand name eyeglasses, we are able to offer same-day eyewear completion services in-house thanks to our One-Site 1 Hour Lab that allows us to fabricate all types of lenses such as the Single Vision, Bifocals, Trifocal, Progressives as  well as Transitions lenses.Unlike your regular sunglasses, you get better protection using a prescription lens for eye care as they serve their purpose very well. You will come to find everyday life simpler as transition lenses are hassle-free. Our service provides a personalized style, and of course, you get to choose your favorite color.

A Single vision lens lens possesses the same power in all areas. We fabricate this lens for nearsightedness for seeing road signs or for distant objects. If you are farsighted and need lenses for reading books or looking at electronic screens, we can have them made for you in our lab.

A bifocal lens is designed to provide two distinct areas for vision correction. These distinct areas are set apart by a clearly visible line that sits across the lens horizontally. Farsightedness is corrected by the top part while nearsightedness by the bottom part.

The trifocal lens corrects for distance, intermediate, and near vision. It is a single lens with three regions that corrects these problems.

Progressive lenses are more powerful than the average focal lens. These lenses correct vision at all distances by offering a smooth transition between parts with different focal lengths.

We perform a comprehensive eye exam for vision accuracy evaluation. But we don’t stop there, as we take the time to analyze other potential health issues of the eye. Early signs for health conditions such as hypertension, diabetes or glaucoma that seem eye-unrelated will be examined for during your evaluation.Your eyes are a window into many health issues that are not necessarily vision related; your exam will include an evaluation for early signs of conditions such as hypertension, diabetes or glaucoma.

Dr. James A. Russell is a Board Certified Optometric Physician. After graduating with honors in 2009, Dr. James A Russell settled into practice and has spent 9 years working with other professionals and consequently has gained diverse experiences especially in optometry. He regularly cooperates with other specialists, but is not associated with any medical groups.

Services Provided: Eye Exams, Prescription Eyeglasses, Prescription Sunglasses, Glaucoma Evaluations, Cataract Evaluations, Contact Lens Fittings, Medical Eye Examinations, Dry Eye Evaluations, Eye exam Second Opinions, Frame ajustments, Lens Replacement, Sunglass Frame fitting, kerataconus, contact lens fitting, RGP fittings, hard contact lenses, Eye muscle test, Visual acuity test, Refraction assessment, Visual field test, Color vision testing, Slit-lamp examination, Retinal examination, Diabetic exam, glaucoma exam, macular exam, macular degeneration, low vision, low vision exam, low vision eyeglasses, glaucoma screening, binocular vision assesment, yearly exam, second opinions, cataract surgery exam, cataract exam, ocular herpes, optic neuropathy, fuchs dystrophy, drusen, retinal migraine, ocular hypertension, leber's hereditary optic neuropathy, optic neuritis, double vision, post lasik contacts, post rk surgey contacts, duette contacts, Aniseikonia, Anisometropia, far sighted, near sighted, hypeopia, myopia, shaw lens, astigmatism

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Business Hours: Mon-Fri: 9:00am-5:00pm

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Phone: (352) 399-5412

Email: Thevillages@hinsighteyecare.com

Visit: https://www.hindsighteyecare.com/

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