Green Island Rod and Gun Club

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872 Melrose Valley Falls Road
12154 Schaghticoke
United States

Phone: unlisted

The Green Island Rod and Gun Club is best known for its 30 target 3D archery course which is second to none. Please check our "Boxes" for ongoing events.

This organization was not always as we know it today, my friend. As stories go: "Once upon a time", the Green Island Rod and Gun Club Inc. was composed of a mere handful of sportsminded citizens whose sole aims were the promotion of conservation, fellowship, sportsmanship and furtherance of good will among all men.
These men banded together August 26, 1939 and formed the nucleous of the organization we have today. During its infancy meetings were held in various rooms until finally in 1940 we were incorporated and with our membership ever increasing found a home of our own at 55 Paine Street in Green Island, NY.
The war years were rather tough on the Club and its membership; but the elder members kept things humming with all sorts of social activities. When the veterans started returning home they found the Club intact and the Junior Club going ahead full steam. The old officers of the Club having done a wonderful job, then decided to turn the running of the Club over to new men.
In 1946, with its new officers, the membership started the search for club grounds and soon decided on a plot of 115 acres; about a half mile from the Tomhannock Reservoir on the road to Valley Falls. Since then we have reforested about two acres with pine seedlings and expect to continue this as needed. Plans are moving ahead for a skeet field, rifle range, rearing pond and in September 1948, ground was broken for our club house.
"Many hands make light work"

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